Amazing Akita | 3 day experience

Let Japan Holidays provide you with the unforgettable experience , visiting one of the hidden gems of Tohoku region, Akita prefecture.

Overlooked by many travelers, Akita is a true Japanese get-away like no other, with hot springs, a well-preserved samurai district and natural scenic beauty.. Akita is a place to relax while connecting with Japanese history and culture

The northern prefecture of Akita is a popular choice for outdoor adventurers and history buffs alike. The Hachimantai area offers a range of outdoor activities, while the fascinating and well-preserved samurai district in the town of Kakunodate offers a glimpse into Japan’s feudal past. The snow huts of the Yokote Snow Festival and Japan’s national fireworks competition at Omagari draw hundreds of thousands of revelers each year.

The region is easily accessed by the JR Akita Shinkansen from Tokyo, Sendai and Morioka, as well as by car, local train and airplane from other areas in Japan.

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy 3-nights’ accommodation in the Akita region ranging from ryokans, onsens and hotels.
  • See the nature sights of Tazawa Lake, Katamae mountain forest, and other great locations.
  • Travel back in time to the samurai district of Kakunodate and eat like the samurai feasting on Kiritampo
  • Shop at the local craft venues of the region and admire the old techniques preserved.
  • Get around easily using the transport systems available, ride on the local Nairiku train line – one to tick off the list for train enthusiasts!
  • Visit and take selfies with the fluffy Akita Inu – the dogs famous to the Akita region!

Amazing Akita | 3 Days | Itinerary

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Day 1:

Arrive to Tazawako, the start of the Japan Holidays Amazing Akita itinerary.

Visit Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan at over 400 meters deep! The color of the lake changes all through the year, beautiful no matter what time of year one visits. You can for a lake tour by boat to see the sights from the water, or the coastline. Grab some souvenirs and take a break overlooking the lake from Kansagu shrine, a small Shinto shrine overlooking the lake, and visit the statue of Tatsuko, the center of one of the area’s best-known folktales.

The evening you can relax at one of the traditional onsen ryokans of the area, trying a true Japan experience of natural outdoor onsen bath, Japanese cuisine and Japanese-style bedding.

Accommodation – Tazawa area

Day 2:

After breakfast you will head southwest to the city of Kakunodate, for a morning visit to the Samurai district, preserved since ancient times. The samurai houses are open to the public so you can see exactly how the samurais of old used to live.

Departing from Kakunodate you will ride the Nairiku Railway, crossing 94km through the scenery from Kakunodate to Takanosu. A chance to relax, enjoy a station cuisine, and see the communities brought together by the rail line.

Once you arrive at your destination for the evening, Japan Holidays recommends you enjoy a Kiritampo Hot pot for dinner, an Akita delicacy of freshly cooked rice pounded and molded into tubes to be cooked over hot flames – similar cooking methods to Australian damper!

Accommodation – Odate city

Day 3:

Make use of your time in Odate and visit some of the craft shops of the area. Japan Holidays recommends visiting the Magemono craft shops, an amazing art of bending wood to curve into different shaped containers and wares. The smell of the cedar or pine and with the intricate care used when making will rush back memories of the region every time you use this souvenir!

One last place to visit before departing for Akita city is the Akita Inu village. Pat and take some photos with the cute and fluffy Akita dogs, descendants of the bear hunting dogs of old tribes, you cannot visit Akita without visiting these cute dogs!

Catch the local line along the west coast to Akita city. Upon arrival finish the afternoon by having a stroll through the city or visit some of the local sake breweries and learn how the unique sake types of Akita are made.

Accommodation – Akita City

Tour Map

Akita Dogs

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