Why book with Japan Holidays ?

Japan Holidays’ goal is to provide our customers with the best  possible Japan Experience…

How do we do this?

Our team of travel specialists have expert knowledge on the country which is unsurpassed by many travel companies. They hold a strong bond with Japan having either lived there or visited many times.  Having specialists proficient in the language will make you feel confident in the having your travel plans managed thoroughly.

Japan Holidays is supported by an office in Japan staffed with local experts who are available to assist you in case of need whilst touring the country.

Our itineraries are tailor-made to include your interests, tastes and budget. Through consulting with you we are able to create an individual itinerary within your budget with an absolute commitment to quality. Key to this commitment is using locally-owned services wherever possible and therefore supporting the local people and providing more insightful and enjoyable experiences.


Official representative office

Japan Holidays Pty. Ltd.
ID Tours South Pacific Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Authorised Travel Service Operator No.20079
Room 803 MFShinbashi | 24-3 Shinbashi 4- Chome,
Minato-ku | Tokyo 105 | Japan

Tel 81 3 3433 1377

Personalized Your holiday itinerary is designed in consultation with you Experiences and interests enjoyed at your own leisure Accommodation to suit your style Specialist support throughout Specialists Our staff have lived in Japan or travelled extensively throughout. Local office in Japan staffed by experts who are available to support your travel Itineraries are designed to make the most efficient use of time and budget Specialist staff who not only plan your holiday but welcome your feedback on return Guides Japan Holidays Guides have been specifically chosen for their knowledge and experience Japan Holidays guides cover all regions of Japan from major centres to the most remote regions Guides for special interest activities including trekking, cycling and various creative experiences. Gain insights from Guides that know real authentic facts and can convey knowledge in a way that will ensure you the most efficient use of time and budget.

Meet our team

Tony Luxton
Tony LuxtonOwner | Director
Japan Holidays was established by Anthony (Tony) Luxton with the support of the travel industry in Japan.
Tony lived and worked in Japan for many years and established relationships that have been invaluable in placing Japan Holidays at the forefront of Specialists Agents dealing with Japan in such a short time.

Complimented by a strong Travel Industry background in destination marketing with Tourism Australia, Tourism Queensland and Air New Zealand and Ansett International,Tony commenced Japan Holidays in 2007.

Judy Luxton
Judy LuxtonOwner | Director
Judy has been travelling internationally since 1972 when she was the youngest member of the Australian Olympic Swim Team to the Munich Olympics (Dual Olympian 1972 & 1976).

Since that time Judy has travelled extensively with sport, business and holidays.

Bachelor- degree-qualified in Sports Science with a Graduate Diploma in Education, Judy has been invited on several occasions to Japan to assist in sport, business and international relations.

Judy joined Japan Holidays after 15 years in executive recruitment and has been passionate and well-travelled throughout Japan since the 70’s.

Special interest areas are snow skiing, golfing, food and culture.

Our consultants

Juliane Suzuki
Juliane Suzuki Senior Travel Consultant
Juliane brings a wealth of experience and intimate knowledge of Japan, having lived and worked in the country for many years.

During her time in Japan, she and her Japanese husband raised two children and lived in both large cities and rural parts of Japan, giving her an insight into the varied customs in different regions of Japan.

In her role as a Senior Travel Consultant, Juliane provides quality service with unique itinerary inclusions exclusive to Japan Holidays. As well as handling bookings on behalf of retail travel agents and clients she is responsible for developing new programs and escorting tours.

Kahoru Mizuta
Kahoru MizutaTravel Consultant
Kahoru has vast experience in Japanese travel.

Born in the historic hub of Nara rich in Japanese culture and traditions, Kahoru had long been passionate about exploring all the fascinating parts of Japan.

Kahoru has been employed by Japanese travel industry leaders JTB and HIS both in Australia and Japan.

As a Travel Consultant, Kahoru promotes the magnificent Land of the Rising Sun with the most adept, passionate and dedicated team at Japan Holidays.

Lawson Dibb
Lawson DibbWholesale Travel Consultant
Lawson Dibb’s fluency in Japanese language as well as his extensive background in creating custom-tailored travel packages makes him an ideal Destination Specialist for Japan Holidays.

In particular, Lawson’s professional experience covers the entire range of custom trip planning, from flights to accommodations to itinerary recommendations tailored to our customers’ needs.
From an early age, Lawson has always had a keen interest in all things Japanese, primarily stemming from his passion for Japan’s pop culture and martial arts. Lawson has parlayed his interests into a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business with a major in Japanese language studies.
He has lived and worked in Japan for several years, and is comfortable and conversant in Japanese language and culture – an asset for English-speaking travellers who want to travel there. Lawson has served as the Gold Coast “ambassador” to its sister city in Japan, where he not only taught English, but was active in promotional and PR events there on behalf of the Gold Coast.
As our Destination Specialist, Lawson is responsible for planning itineraries to any destination in Japan. He maintains close relationships with our suppliers in Japan to ensure a positive experience for our travellers. His broad knowledge of Japan’s unique national treasures makes it easy for him to create the perfect, memorable holiday trip.


Debbie Coleman
Debbie ColemanBookkeeper
Debbie has more than 12 years’ experience in accounts/bookkeeping. She has degrees in both Accounting and Hospitality Management and has worked more than 15 years in the food & beverage and conference & banqueting industries.

Debbie’s extensive background in the hospitality industry has enabled her to specialize in working with boutique owner-operated businesses. She brings a wealth of knowledge to Japan Holidays, and has been integral to developing systems and streamlining procedures for all accounts-related travel matters for our team.

Debbie’s work experience spans hotels and venues in both the UK and Australia as well as contract positions. .

Our Japan Holidays Official Guides

Kazunori (Ken)
Kazunori (Ken)Tokyo, Morioka and Kyushu regions
Ken’s unique background makes him an exceptional guide ideally-suited for English-speaking tourists in Japan.

Born in Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture, on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan, Ken moved to the USA as a teenager. He was immersed in American culture and language, which he combines with his deep understanding of Japan’s colourful history in a way few tour guides accomplish.

Ken has a distinguished service record with the U.S. Marines, after which he gravitated to a career in marketing, working for large international airlines. He has held senior management positions with the Australian Tourist Commission, Tourism Tasmania and Tourism Victoria, giving him a deep bond with Australian tourists. For more than a decade, he has served as Yatsushiro City’s and Kumamoto Prefecture’s official destination marketing manager.

Ken’s passion for and profound knowledge of southern Japan’s history and key historical sites plus his fluency in English make him the perfect guide for English-speaking tourists here. He is a rare combination of military precision, comprehensive knowledge, and genuine connection, qualities invaluable as a tour guide for both large groups or smaller custom tours. Ken has more than a decade of experience guiding groups.

ShigetoshiTokyo & Hakone regions
Shigetoshi was born in Kansai region, near Osaka and moved to Tokyo for university.

His business career started at a travel agency in Tokyo and about 10 years later joined an US airline as a passenger sales representative.

He began studying foreign languages again to become a professional tour guide and qualified for English & French guiding in 2014.

Since then he has been escorting many international customers in Hakone area as a member of Odawara-Hakone Goodwill Guide Service Club (volunteer guide club in foreign languages). His interests include Japanese history and traveling. .

Yurika has been working as a National Government Licenced Guide Interpreter since 2016.

She is a very fit grandmother who has travelled extensively to many countries and all over Japan. Yurika lives near Kamakura and loves visiting the area. Her favourite food is sushi and enjoys food and sake matching.

NorikoMt Koya region
Noriko has been a tour guide of Koyasan for more than twenty years.

From a casual private tour to the formal Ambassadors Tour, she has a wide range of guide experiences. Also, she is well known as a pioneer of “Koyasan Guide.” She has been awarded a prize by JNTO for her long and excellent guide activities.

She was born in Tottori Prefecture, moved to Kyoto for university, and worked for a trading company in Osaka. Now she lives near Koyasan.

As a licensed national guide, she has a chance to guide in the Kyoto and Osaka areas, however, she believes Koyasan is her home ground. Her personality is honest and happy. She believes that chance encounters with people make her life beautiful. She is looking forward to meeting you in Koyasan. .

YoshikiKyoto region
Born in Kyoto and raised in Tokyo & Kyoto, JAPAN. Dedicated my teenage winter seasons to the Inari Grand Sanctuary as a shrine maiden

A.A. in English at Doshisha Women’s College & B.A. in Psychology at California State University, Northridge,USA. Worked for Daikin Industries, Ltd., a Japanese top-leading air-conditioning and fluorochemical company as a bilingual/executive secretary and travelled around Tokyo, Hakone, Nikko, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara & Nagano etc. with more than hundreds of English speaking businessmen, politicians, officials, artists & high school students. Awarded an honorary citizen at the State of Alabama, USA in 1997. Since 2002, freelance translator and tourist guide (National Guide Certificate No.EN00314). Love traveling both for business and pleasure, reading, walking, and meeting new people. Happily married with a teenage son!

SatokoKyoto, Tokyo, Hakone, Nakasendo & Nikko regions
English and French-speaking licensed tour guide.
National certificate for English in 2009 and French in 2011. Satoko loves her job allowing her to meet people from all over the world.


Footpath Walking and Running, Back Country Skiing, Onsen & Sento (Public bathhouse) , Railway Trip,

Folk Crafts (Baskets, Pottery, Handwoven fabrics ), Old Houses and landscape, Tea Ceremony and related things,

Cuisine (cooking, eating & drinking), Cafés, Chat with local people…

AkiraKanazawa region
Hishida-san has been a tour guide for the Kanazawa area since obtaining tour guide qualifications in 2010

Hishida san comes to tour guiding after a long career with Nikko Ceramics, which saw him have many long oversees postings and experiences working in foreign countries, including the United States and Algeria.

An excellent speaker of both English and French, Hishida san is a lively and informative guide with a passion for learning and sharing.

NobukoHiroshima & Miyajima regions
Nobuko has been working as a tour guide for English-speaking visitors mainly in Hiroshima for about 14 years. She has been guiding Japan Holidays clients for the past 10 years receiving exceptional feedback.

Being born and raised in Hiroshima, she always tries to do her best in making her clients feel close to the spirit of Hiroshima.

In addition to Peace Memorial Park & Museum, Miyajima Island is a highly recommended, ‘must-visit’ site. Miyajima is almost a hometown to Nobuko, being the birthplace of her father. She always enjoys showing the scenery of this beautiful island and telling the history, culture and lifestyle of the local people.

Nobuko says seeing her customers smiling and relaxing is her greatest joy! Nobuko is hoping to meet you one day and be your best personal guide to Hiroshima and Miyajima. .

KumikoSpecialist Guide for Hiroshima
Kumiko Tanimoto has more than two decades of experience as an official tour guide for Hiroshima city. As our Specialist Guide at Japan Holidays, Kumiko brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on the area for English-speaking travelers to her city.

Hiroshima’s long history pre-dates the nuclear bombing at the end of World War II. Kumiko brings to life the centuries of castles, conflicts and post-war rebuilding as she leads groups to the best sites in this vibrant city. Kumiko’s tours include popular Miyajima Island in the sunny Seto Inland Sea, World Heritage sites such as the Peace Memorial Park, castles, shrines, temples and museums unique to Hiroshima. A day with Kumiko can end with a fun stop at a local sake brewery for tastings and shopping.

In addition to Kumiko’s extensive experience as a tour guide, she has taught English to a wide range of ages in Japan. She maintains her proficiency as an active member in Toastmasters. Kumiko’s English fluency and deep knowledge of her home town makes her an invaluable Specialist Guide for our travelers to Hiroshima in Japan.

YoshieKanazawa region
A Kanazawa native, Yoshie has been an official tour guide since 2014.
As a long-time, local resident, Yoshie has a wealth of knowledge of the area, with an intimate knowledge of all the best local shops, back streets, and friendly sushi restaurants.

Having worked with elementary school students for over 10 years, Yoshie is also a practitioner of Japanese calligraphy, with over 30 years experience – and always happy to provide a sample to those she guides as a small memento of their trip.