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  • Welcome to 2020

    Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu! Welcome to 2020 - the year of the Rat in Japan. Predicted to be about progression and starting a new project with great energy, or translated in Japan Holidays terms...a great year [...]

  • Samurai Kendo Experience

    Learn the way of the Japanese sword Do something a little different on your next Japan holiday. Our exclusive Samurai Kendo experience will leave you just that little bit more cultured, with fun and [...]

  • Pick a Cherry Blossom Tour this Spring

    Don't miss the Cherry Blossoms as they bloom this Spring We have some great news - it's not too late to book a fantastic holiday to Japan in the beautiful Cherry Blossom season! Two [...]

  • A Premium Kimono Experience in Tokyo

    Immerse yourself in Japanese Kimono culture | from $430 per person Located in the heart of Tokyo, you can experience the magical world of authentic Japanese kimonos while learning about the history and importance [...]

  • Mt Fuji & Sakura 2 Day EcoTour

    Don't miss the breathtaking Sakura cherry blossoms with Mt. Fuji - for limited time only! Mt Fuji & Sakura Ecotour 2 days | from $585 pp In just under 3 hours from Tokyo lies [...]

  • How to Onsen in Japan

    A place to reflect and relax The Onsen tradition in Japan has been around for thousands of years and the natural hot spring water is full of distinctive minerals to rejuvenate your body and [...]

  • Staff Review – Karate in Okinawa

    Traditional Karate Experience with Elite Masters! Japan Holidays team member and Karate enthusiast Lawson, joined in on one of the authentic Karate training sessions during his recent visit to Okinawa - the birthplace of [...]

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