Kanto & Nagano by Rail

6 nights | 7 days

Kanto consists of 7 prefectures located in eastern Japan including Tokyo.

Seven prefectures have good access from Tokyo and each other, therefore Kanto area is the greatest destination for a rail trip. You can experience various cultures in Japan for a week with comfortable transportation.

Interestingly, the northern part of Kanto first became popular among foreign people after the Edo Samurai era. Until the Edo era, this area was thought not convenient to live as there are mountains. The Shogunate government at that time also deployed smaller feudal clans in order to keep larger power and threats at a distance from the government. However, after the Edo era, nobles and governors of other countries came to Japan and discovered the Kanto area that is suitable for summer resorts or hot springs. Kanto has become popular for hot spring towns and nature since then. Nowadays, these tourist sites rich in nature are popular among people from other countries as well as Japanese people from every part of Japan.

The prefecture of Nagano has abundant natural beauty and is famed for its ski resorts and hot springs.

Nagano became a popular travel destination after it hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics. A particularly popular tourist spot is the Jigokudani Monkey Park, where visitors can see monkeys taking dips in the hot springs.

Another famous sightseeing destination is Matsumoto Castle, or the Crow Castle, so nicknamed for the black colour of its walls and roof. Ueda Castle, a notable landmark, received renewed attention in 2016 as the setting for the NHK historical drama “Sanadamaru”.

Japan Holiday also recommends the holiday getaway of  Karuizawa. Karuizawa is dotted with resorts, hotels, tea rooms, museums and other places that give off a wafting scent of Japanese culture.

Nagano has many areas and many faces. Let’s discover a few of its charms.

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