Golfing in Japan

Japan has a number of golf courses that rank within the top 100 in the world – including Hirono Golf Club, Kawana Hotel Fuji Course, Tokyo Golf Club, Naruo Golf Club, and Kasumigaseki Country Club, the golf venue for the Tokyo Olympics.

All Japanese courses offer breathtaking natural landscapes such as vistas of majestic Mt Fuji, places of historic significance and world- renowned course designs.

Japan Holidays promotes golf in Japan to golf travellers from all countries with the goal of introducing the world to the golf courses of Japan, creating new opportunities to travel to Japan and experience the appeal of the Japanese culture.

Discover the very best of Japan Golf tourism with Japan Holidays.

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The distinctive culture and Japan’s four seasons signify the appeal of golf in Japan.

Spring equates to cherry blossom season and the blossoms bloom over a period of four months beginning in Okinawa in the south in February, and sweep through 3,000km of the country up to Hokkaido in the north. Cherry Blossoms also pave the way for the start of the golf season in these regions of Japan. In Autumn season the vibrant colours of this season can be viewed in Hokkaido in the beginning of October and gradually move south and can be enjoyed up until mid-December.

There are over 2,300 golf courses in Japan and given the natural landscape of mountains and forests and changing scenery, the diverse variety of courses on offer make for a fascinating golf destination. Also there are many famous sites and historical spots in regions around Japan that symbolize time-honoured, valued aspects of Japanese culture.

The climate and culture of each region has meant the regional cuisine and wide variety of specialities is another delightful discovery in a golfing experience in Japan. Sushi, tempura, soba noodles are amongst some of the favourites that make Japan’s golf courses renowned for first rate meals which are an integral part of the game in Japan.

Japan is a land of volcanoes and as such there are many natural hot springs. No game of golf is complete in Japan without a relaxing soak in the hot spring waters that provide not only relaxation but also health and beauty benefits.

Creating a Tour itinerary yourself for Japan may take more effort and knowledge than visiting courses in resort destinations such as Hawaii and Thailand.

The distinctive golf history and culture of Japan is separate from Australia, USA, Asia, or England and organising flights, accommodation, transfers, green fees, food and entertainment becomes more complicated especially when language can be an issue as well.

Gaining access to wholesale rates by Booking through Japan Holidays costs less in time and money.

Let Japan Holidays manage issues such as finding the ideal location, working out the best way to get there, organising travel and ground transfers, securing tee-times on the best courses and having the knowledge to know the most appropriate accommodation and best restaurants, bars and other non-golf activities in the area.

Japan Holidays are golf fanatics and have played many of the courses in the country and as such have long standing relationships in Japan. Let Japan Holidays Book all elements of travel including flights and allow you more time working on your game in preparation for a trip of a lifetime.

Golf Courses

Recommended Course

Kanucha Golf Course

Enjoy great shots all year round, in a bright tropical
Setting spreading across a vast 264-ha land overlooking Oura Bay.


A Golf course with great service, established in the lush forest of Yambaru 15 years ago

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18 holes that promise you a dramatic game, with a balanced rhythm of strategy, freshness and tension

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Highly strategic course that captivates players, with a spectacular view of the East China Sea

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Welcome to a sophisticated paradise, colored by the turquoise sea and tropical flowers! Enjoy a special moment in a luxurious setting surrounded by the sound of waves and the sea breeze.

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Suburban Championship course next to the World Heritage Site, Nakagusuku Castle Ruins, with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

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One of the oldest courses in Okinawa with a history of 51 years, located at 158.1m-high Mt. Untamamui in the suburb of Naha.

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Enjoy the highly strategic 18-hole course full of variations, with dynastic, natural height differences!

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A golf course 130 meters above sea level on a gentle hill, revealing the beauty of the terrain.

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One of the biggest links course in Okinawa that spreads on a cliff of over 40m, in a spectacular location that resembles Pebble Beach.

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Enjoy golf on a tropical island with views of the ocean from each hole, with beautiful tees surrounded by colorful flowers and trees.

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Beautiful links course in harmony with the seashore, with the theme of “golf in contact with the sea”.

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Recommended Course

Tsu Country Club

This long distance course stretches over 7,023 yards. It balances beauty and strategy brilliantly, with one green of bent grass, tower rivet bunkers, and ponds surrounded by brick.

Recommended Course

Mie Country Club

A hilly course. The gentle slopes and river running through the course, make for more strategic play. The green on the 12th hole is famous as an impregnable green because it plays optical illusions on golfers.

Recommended Course

Matsusaka Country Club

With a distant view of the Nunobiki Mountains in the background, this club overlooking the historical city of Matsusaka has poetic shimmering ponds between the pine trees of the deepest green Mt. Fuefuki. Every hole of this highly strategic course is rich in variety and undulations.

Golf 5 Country Yokkaichi Course

Although it appears to be a flat course at first glance, the fairway has subtle undulations that affect each shot. The course layout makes good use of its grand landscape, with Komono Lake to the east, Ise Bay to the south, the Suzuka Mountains to the west, and the Yunoyama plateau to the north.

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Suzuka Country Club

Authentic courses nestled in the heart of nature. These three courses separated by woods are renowned for their beautiful landscape. The Naka Course used for the tournaments is quite difficult, with long distances, ponds, and valleys.

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Meihan Chisan Country Club

Located in Iga, the city famous for ninjas, these large courses has 45 holes in total. The 27 holes of the Iga courses have excellent views and are flat, making them easy to travel around. Carts run down the fairway when there is fair weather. The 18 holes of the Ayama course are strategically challenging, with long distances.

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Iga Golf Course

A beautiful, strategic 18 hole course. It has wonderful views of the Aoyama and Nabari mountain ranges, and golfers can enjoy beautiful flowers blooming year round. Everyone from beginners to low handicap golfers can enjoy the course.

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Kikyougaoka Golf Course

Surrounded by pine, cedar, cypress, and Japanese cherry trees, every hole on this quiet course is completely separated. Golfers can taste the real thrill of golfing on each hole of this stately course.

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Hakusan Village Golf Course

The 36 holes of the King and Queen courses are easy for average golfers, while still difficult enough for low handicap golfers to need a course strategy. The famous 18th hole is beyond the hotel. It is also an LPGA certified course. One of the 2015 Japan Senior Open Golf Championship course.

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Mie Hakusan Golf Course

The 18 holes laid out on the rolling hills of this champion course each have their own personality and strategy. Strength and skill, intelligence and courage are all tested on this course, making for a truly rousing round of golf.

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Mie Phoenix Golf Course

Palm trees stand between lush fairways on this Hawaiian style resort course. Even the clubhouse instills a sense of being on an island of everlasting summer, where you can relax in comfort.

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Ise Country Club

The strategic design of this course makes use of its hills, and it is counted as one of the masterpieces of Seiichi Inoue, the master course designer. Its broad fairway and layout making use of the terrain truly motivate players to face the course’s challenges.

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Nemu Golf Club

Tee off while overlooking the beautiful Ago Bay, and face challenging holes across sea water. All elements of the seaside environment are condensed into this course. For a truly dramatic game of golf, play here.

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Kintetsu Kashikojima Country Club

The only tournament course in Japan to host an LPGA official tournament, the “Mizuno Classic” (now the Toto Japan Classic). This prestigious course skillfully incorporates the nature and Ria coast of Ise-Shima.

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Kintetsu Hamajima Country Club

A classic seaside course stretching along the hills of Ise Shima National Park’s Ago Bay overlooking the Pacific Ocean. With a layout that makes perfect use the natural environment, the contrast between the greens and white sandy bunkers is particularly beautiful.

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Recommended Course

Kyoto Golf Club

Kyoto Golf Club which has been newly constructed after the Pacific War possesses 2 characteristic courses of Kamigamo Course and Funayama Course. It has accessible location of 20 minutes by car from the city center of Kyoto and scenic outlook of Kyoto. Enjoy yourself at superb location.

Recommended Course

Gotemba Golf Club

Gotemba Golf Club is situated in one of Japan’s famous country retreat area known as Gotemba located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Just a little over an hour from Tokyo, the golf course offers you a good challenge with incredible panoramic views from the Pacific Ocean to Mt. Fuji. A must play while you are in Japan!

Grandee Hamanako

Designed by Lee Schmidt, the course has the kind of open feeling you would experience in an overseas golf resort.

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Ashinoko Country Club

Views to Hakone National Park and Mt.Fuji, the course offers solitude and a private golf experience that will challenge players of all abilities.

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Kawana Hotel Golf Course

The famous Fuji Course much celebrated for its beauty and challenges, and the Oshima Course located on the seaside and better fit for casual daily use.

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Southern Cross Country Club

6,439 yards 18 hole par 72
Passenger cart full-scale golf resort. Please enjoy passenger cart play.

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Recommended Course

Hino Golf Club

The 7,035 yards of “King Course” has been designed as a championship tournament course. The accurate shots and advanced playing skills are required in the high leveled course. The “Queen Course” is an overall 6,864 yard course for beginner and middle level golfers and ladies.

Recommended Course

Ibaraki Golf Club

Separated with rich pine forest, high leveled 36 holes are scattered large and small ponds.
As a 8,264 sq meter pond lies halfway in the west course, 6 holes are required to hit a shot over the pond.

Recommended Course

Minagi Golf Club

Perfect scenery of Mount Rokkosan ranges in the south, 18 holes surrounded by majestic natures offer seasonal beauties. Remaining its undulation, hilly courses are consisted with 20 meters of height difference.

Recommended Course

Nukata Golf Club

Although the west course is long, the wide fairway and lesser out of bounds is situated. No.1 and 9 is easier flat courses. As the east course has a number of tricky and changeful holes, accurate shots are required.

Recommended Course

Dazaifu Golf Club

18 holes are situated in historical Dazaifu. Various courses include uphill, downhill and over the ponds.

Recommended Course

Sasson Golf Club

Located in uptown Onsen resort, dynamic courses based on its undulating landscape stand in serene hush. Playing on the green for both out and in courses requires extreme caution.

Ishikawa  Prefecture

The Country Club Noto

18 holes  | 7,211 yards |  Par72
Address?11-1 Mugigaura Anamizu Town

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Tokino Dai Country Club

36 holes
Bijoudai Course: 6,855 yards |  Par72,
Nosudai Course: 6,719yards Par72

Address: 8-8 Yanaida-machi Hakui City

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Komatsu Country Club

18 holes |  6,972 yards |  Par72

Address: Se 1 Kibamachi Komatsu City

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Katayamazu Golf Club

54 holes Hakusan Course: 7,118 yards |  Par72,
Nihonkai Course: 6,588 yards |  Par72
Kaga Course: 7,038 yards |  Par72

Address: To 1-1 Simbo-machi Kaga City

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